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Cell Tower Insurance Overview

If you are a cell tower contractor and need to find the right insurance that will cover your land and buildings where the tower is being constructed, as well as vehicles, equipment, and basic liability insurance for burglary and other crimes. In that case, you may want to consider Cell Tower Contractors Insurance.

This policy protects your company’s inventory and equipment from damage and liability for accidents occurring on job sites. The cost of this type of coverage can vary depending on the size of your business. It is important to research and find the best policy for you based on what is needed.

Why do Cell Tower Contractors need insurance?

Cell towers are an important network of communications that are used to transmit data and voice signals between mobile devices and the grid. That being said, they have also proven to have some dangers associated with them like property damage, bodily injury or the worker, technical failure, etc. Because of these dangers, cell tower contractors need a certain level of insurance coverage in order to maintain the ability to do their job effectively.

Risks Cell Tower Contractors companies face

Cell Towers are placed in dangerous locations such as near roads and power lines, in remote areas high up on hillsides and mountainsides, next to the water, or even within prisons. The list of possible safety hazards is long: hurricanes, wildfires, broken cables or equipment at the top of tall tower structures, auto accidents occurring near cell towers.

Benefits of having insurance to protect their Cell Tower Services Business

1. Safety against risk:

If your business owns a cell tower, it should have insurance to protect against accidents and disasters.

2. Legal protection:

Insurance will protect you in case of litigation and lawsuits by owners of neighboring property, such as those who live near towers.

3. Peace of mind:

Insurance will ease the fear or concern that if something happens to the tower it won’t be taken care of quickly enough for lack of funds to make repairs.

4. Financial risk:

Business owners should have insurance so that if something happens to the tower their business does not suffer greatly.

5. Protection from fees:

Cell towers are subject to special fees and taxes by different authorities, including local, state, and federal. This is why it is important to have insurance to protect against these monetary risks.

Cell Tower Insurance Coverages

UnderWrite Insurance Services provides all types of insurance

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a coverage that provides protection against lawsuits in which you are named as a defendant. This allows you to protect yourself from financial loss if you are sued as the result of bodily injury or property damage caused by your business operations.


The consequences of a lawsuit can be devastating for a small business. It could result in the loss of valuable customers, high legal fees, and even bankruptcy. However, with proper risk management practices and general liability insurance coverage, you can reduce your risks when operating your small business.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

The main purpose of the workers’ compensation insurance is that it requires the employer to pay for any time missed from work due to injury or illness. In the event that an employee is injured or sick while at work, the employer is required to provide two types of coverage: General Liability and workers’ compensation. Therefore insurance policy covers these damages on the behalf of the company.

Commercial Bond

Bonds are necessary for cell tower contractors because they safeguard against unforeseen circumstances such as injury or death. It also ensures that if a contractor goes out of business or disappears with payments, their clients’ money will be returned.

Commercial Auto Liability

The Auto Liability policy protects against injury or damage caused by a company’s vehicles, and this includes tower trucks. In other words, it will help pay for the medical expenses of any injured parties and any civil damages awarded in court. The policy will even help pay for any legal fees associated with a major lawsuit that results from an accident.

Contractors E&O (Professional Liability Insurance)

Insurance is a must-have for any cell tower contractors- it’s common knowledge.
Unfortunately, some don’t know what to look for in their coverage. Every cell tower contractor
needs a good contractor errors and omissions insurance policy; it’s prudent for them to make sure that what they are doing is covered by insurance.

Equipment Insurance & Breakdown Coverage

Cell tower contractors must provide extensive and expensive equipment to ensure their users have access to the right amount of service. These contractors are typically required by their clients to carry, at minimum, liability insurance. This type of insurance protects the company from accidental injury and property damage caused by the installation of cell towers. Furthermore, these companies may also require commercial general liability (CGL) insurance for business owners who work directly with cellular tower installations on a regular basis.

Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance

One of the most daunting tasks for any small business is liability insurance. Not only does it have to be hefty enough to cover all damages should something happen, but it also has to be tailored specifically to your particular field. General liability insurance simply won’t cut it. This is why cell tower contractors need umbrella/excess liability insurance – and as a result, they’ll save themselves money in the long run by protecting themselves from one of the big unknowns that could derail their project.


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