Workers' Compensation Insurance for Debris and Junk Removal Businesses

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Debris and junk removal is a very difficult job. It consists of cleaning up after someone or aftermath – cleaning construction sites, removing unwanted items, fallen tree(s), disposal of hazardous materials, hurricane damage (and other natural disasters), fire damage, etc. UnderWrite Insurance Services specializes in providing A-rated workers’ compensation insurance for debris and junk removal contractors.


We work with A-rated insurance carriers. Likewise, when an injury transpires, you will have the assurance that the medical expense and lost wages will be taken care of.


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Product Benefits

Working with the top insurance carriers, we only provide A-rated coverage.


– Our workers’ compensation coverage covers the cost of care – such as the ambulance ride, hospital stays, surgical procedures, medications, and other medical expenses.


– Pays for the wages lost while an employee is recovering from a workplace injury or occupational illness.


– Death benefits such as funeral expenses and help support the deceased individual’s family.

Claims Expertise and Customer Service

The reason you are purchasing workers’ compensation insurance is to take care of your employees and business (from financial loss). When a claim transpires, our customer services team will work swiftly in getting the claim processed, so that your employee(s) can obtain the proper care they need.

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    Excellent Underwriting

    UnderWrite Insurance Services was established to achieve two purposes: help debris and junk removal contractors who are having difficulty securing workers’ compensation, obtain coverage and restore the integrity of insurance. No more claims being denied. UnderWrite Insurance Services does this by writing excellent and accurate workers’ compensation policies utilizing data science and technology. Let us help your business obtain workers’ compensation insurance.

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    Workers' Compensation Benefits

    Medical Expenses
    Lawsuits Related To Work Injuries
    Compensation For Fatal Injuries
    Vocational Rehabilitation
    Missed Wages During Recovery