Contractor Inland Marine Insurance


UnderWrite Insurance Services provides A-rated inland marine insurance for business to protect their assets such as products, tools and equipment.


Inland marine insurance provides coverage for business property, such as products, tools, and equipment, while it’s in transit over land or stored at an off-site location.

Product Benefits

Our inland marine coverage is underwritten by only A-rated carriers. Product benefits are (not limited):


– Property in transit

– Property in your temporary care

– Movable property in a fixed location

– Property that moves around

– Unique or valuable property

– Property that transfers information


Inland marine insurance does not cover:


– Vehicles

– Exclusions

– Items not listed in the policy

Broker Services

UnderWrite Insurance Services only works with A-rated workers’ compensation insurance carriers. With our strong partnerships, we are able to provide the best rates and tailored coverage for your business. Additional benefits we provide are (not limited):


– Various limit coverage ranging from state statutory requirements to ten million dollars in coverage


– Same-day certificate of insurance


– Twenty-hour policy endorsements

Claims Expertise and Customer Service

The reason you are purchasing inland marine insurance is to protect your assets (owned or rented). When a claim transpires, our customer services team will work swiftly in getting the claim processed and resolved.

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    Excellent Underwriting

    UnderWrite Insurance Services was established to achieve two purposes: help contractors who are having difficulty securing inland marine insurance, obtain coverage and restore the integrity of insurance. No more claims being denied. UnderWrite Insurance Services does this by writing excellent and accurate policies utilizing data science and technology. Let us help your business obtain coverage.

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    Inland Marine Benefits

    Property in transit
    Unique or valuable property
    Property that moves around
    Movable property in a fixed location
    Property in your temporary care
    Property that transfers information